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Tori and Pierre

Location: Windham, New Hampshire
Season: December 2009



This woman was born to be a wedding planner! Sarah French is creative, flexible, perceptive, and sensitive. She listens to all your concerns and makes sure you are completely comfortable and satisfied with every choice you have to make. From beginning to end, she was on top of the time line, all the details, and the negotiations with florists, caterers, djs, etc. She goes above and beyond the call of duty before, during, and after your event. I cannot thank her enough, for making my wedding day stress-free and practically perfect in every way!

Tori Lebrun


I think what I valued the most about Sarah on our wedding day was her ability to roll with the punches - including three impromptu guests who we discovered between the ceremony and the reception. We did not have to do a thing on our wedding day other than attend and enjoy it. She also had the uncanny ability to calm my wife when even I could not.
Pierre Lebrun

SarahFrench Events
Wedding Planner Philadelphia, PA

Day of Coordinator Philadelphia, PA 

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